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Posture and Flexibility

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Posture and Flexibility Stretch Class (Sherwood/Graceville)

Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.00 pm.

There will be a break in classes during May - there will be no classes from the 30th April - 28th May inclusive. We return on Tuesday the 4th of June . New students please contact me first, because of capacity limitations.

(For other stretch teaching see Splits class and Individual classes)

Classes are currently running, but there are some Covid precautions I'd like to you read: please go to this link.

There are also free follow-along stretch class videos available here.

The Posture and Flexibility Stretch Class is similar to a hatha yoga class, but based on the Posture and Flexibility (Stretch Therapy) programme (see home page for more details).

Classes run on Tuesdays from 6.30 - 8.00 pm, in the Church Hall of St. Matthews Anglican Church, Sherwood (corner of Sherwood Rd and Oxley Rd; 481 Oxley Rd) (see map). There is ample parking at the site. The entrance to the car park is on Oxley Rd; the hall is the second building (brick) on the left in the car park. Please note that there is a double white line on Oxley Rd outside the carpark entrance: therefore it is not possible to enter from Oxley Rd if you are heading away from the City - you can only enter if heading towards the City. It may be necessary to go round the block (go via Sherwood Rd, then Primrose St, left turn into Quarry Rd, left turn in to Oxley Rd: see map).  Classes run throughout the year, generally including school holidays (except summer holidays).  Occasional classes may be cancelled at other times (as will be announced at the top of the home page - check page for details).

Prices 2024: Single casual class $20, 4-class card $75, 8-class card $140. Class cards (non-transferable) may be used for any classes in the year. 2023 cards may continue to be used in 2024.

What to bring: mat (e.g. yoga mat), plus thick folded blanket for extra support, water bottle. Optional: depending on flexibility, you may like to bring a fabric loop (or instead use a folded towel) to reach your leg in leg stretches. I have a few loops available to borrow in class.

What to wear: anything that you are comfortable in that lets you move freely. Footwear: stretch classes are best taken barefoot. However, this can get cold in winter. If you want to use socks, I suggest "Toesox" grip socks. These socks have the best grip for the foot with individual toes, and have rubber grips all over the bottom surface (including the toes), giving very good grip even on slippery floors. See https://toesoxaustralia.com.au/ for the Australian supplier.

Participant form for Tuesday class: download as .docx or .pdf file (copies are also available in the class).


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