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1. What is tinnitus?
Tinnitus is a noise that is heard “in the head” that is not produced by an external sound.

2. Can tinnitus be cured?
Tinnitus can be successfully treated in the great majority of cases, with the result that it either goes away completely, or stops being a disturbance. While there is no simple cure such as a pill that can take it away for ever, after therapy it commonly stops being a problem.

3. How does tinnitus arise?
In the great majority of cases, there is some pre-existing hearing loss (which may be so mild that it is not noticed). This means that some of the nerves in the brain are not getting their normal stimulation. So they create their own activity instead, making tinnitus.

4. How is tinnitus treated?
Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is now widely available, and has a good success rate in treating tinnitus.

You might like to read one person's story about tinnitus and its treatment with the method described here: "
one of the few miracles in my life". I am very grateful to Cliff for making it available to us.

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