Professor Pantaloon at the International Contortion Convention, Las Vegas, April 2016 (watch on Youtube)



Professsor Pantaloon at BB LeBuff's CaBBaret 2 August 2014 - going through SIX racquets! (watch on Youtube)


Photos 2, 6 and 7 courtesy of Phoenix Entertainment : originals at this link on Facebook

Madame Pantaloon on the other hand, is eager to prove that she is a "good girl" (music: "But I am a Good Girl", from the Crazy Horse, Paris)


With La Folie, Professor Pantaloon engaged in a mad tango of incompetence, aggression, sensuality and confusion:

              Thank you my poor long-suffering partner!

Professor Pantaloon gets so confused trying to hit a ball, that not only does he climb through two tennis racquets, but ends up passing one through the other while they are BOTH on his body (watch on Youtube at the Australian 2011 Handbalancing and Contortion Festival 2011 and at the International Contortion Convention 2011). Last photo below: backstage at Britains Got Talent 2017.


Professor and Madame Pantaloon have performed in Britains Got Talent Lowry Theatre Manchester 2017, at The International Contortion Conventions in Las Vegas and Germany 2016, 2013, and 2011 (courtesy of Ska von Schoning), The Spud Shed (Milang, Adelaide, South Australia, courtesy of Christine Danton) in 2015, BB LeBuf's CaBBaret nights in Brisbane in 2011-2017, local festivals 2014, Polefitness Australia 2011, and the Australian Handbalancing and Contortion Festival, Melbourne, 2011.

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