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Posture and Flexibility

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Power Stretch for Splits

(Current course now completed - watch this space for future courses. Individual single or two person classes available - please contact me - details at this link.)

In Power Stretch for Splits, we learn powerful stretching methods, including partner stretches and PNF stretching, aimed at achieving the front splits (one leg forward, and one back). Plus a range of other deep stretches - including straddle splits and backbends - for those who want to develop their flexibility to the maximum.  These new techniques will take your flexibility to the maximum, beyond anything else achievable in adults. They will get into those tight spots that stop you achieving your dream positions! Learn the secrets used in contortion and the circus! Suitable for all levels of attainment, from beginners to advanced.

For further details of the Power Stretch for Splits class and prices, go to the BB LeBuff's School of Performance webpage.

Contact BB LeBuff to enrol.

I am also available for individual stretch classes (see this link) at my studio in Graceville, specialising in stretches for performers, including splits and deep backbends, suitable for dancers, aerialists, contortionists, and others.

Splits supported on yoga blocks, with a "squashy block" on top, allow you to fully
relax into the stretch because you are completely supported. The squashy block
still lets you get a controlled stretch.

What to bring: mat (e.g. yoga mat), plus thick folded blanket for extra support, water bottle. Optional: depending on flexibility, you may like to bring a fabric loop (or instead use a folded towel) to reach your leg in leg stretches. I have a few small loops available to borrow in class.

What to wear: anything that you are comfortable in that lets you move freely. Footwear: stretch classes are best taken barefoot. However, this can get cold in winter. If you want to use socks, I suggest "Toesox" grip socks. These socks have the best grip for the foot with individual toes, and have rubber grips all over the bottom surface (including the toes), giving very good grip even on slippery floors. See www.toesox.com for the original supplier.


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