Jim Pickles
Posture and Flexibility

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Note that there will be a class on Tuesday the 13th of April. But because of distancing requirements, there will only be room for those who have been to class (at least once) in the last 6 weeks. Once the current restrictions are over, the class will be open again to new and less regular students.

Meanwhile, if you cant come to my classes, I suggest you use this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYiTDWe9ktA

Posture and Flexibility (also called Stretch Therapy) is a stretch programme that aims to increase suppleness, tone the muscles, and relax the body. Posture and Flexibility includes exercises for strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. It helps to maintain a healthy and responsive body that is able to flourish in a natural way; it also aims to increase the awareness of body sense and body alignment, and to reduce stress and refresh the spirit.

During the class, there is an emphasis on correct form, which not only helps to ensure safety, but enhances body awareness and maximises mindfulness. These skills are valuable for maximising physical and psychological health.

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Triangle; With Manu at the 2013 International Contortion Convention in Germany; Backstage at Britain's Got Talent 2017.