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The Gala Shows Page 2 - International Contortion Convention Las Vegas 2011

Two Australian ladies - Christine Danton (Christine Shillaker or the Amazing Cristina), and then Mim Conyers


These photos were taken in sequence through Christine's act. The rings were made for her 50 years ago, and she is still going through them as easily as on the day they were made. Her ongoing abilities as a performer at the age 67 (at the time of this Convention) shows that contortion can indeed be done safely. And finally - encouraging Simon Crisp to do a "head-toe touch".


Mim Conyers, a new talent from Australia (currently in New Zealand) did a jokey handbalancing-contortion routine dressed as a ballerina.

 Some of these photos have been taken from Facebook - if they are yours, and you would like an acknowledgement or for them to be removed, please let me know.

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