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International Contortion Convention Las Vegas 2011

Yet another fantastic convention organized by Ska von Schoning of Showbiz
Held at Sunset Station Casino, Las Vegas

Thank you again Ska for this wonderful Convention. I dont have as many photos of acts as in earlier Conventions, as I was backstage a lot of the time.  Against the dramatic but bizarre backdrop of this desert city, here are a few of the participants:


Left to right: Jana and Rick, then Bill Calhoun, Nina Burri and Christine Danton, next Ska with Klaus Bischoff


Left to right: Nina Burri and Christine Danton, next Alexis and Stephanie (the Golden Girls), Betsy Wray Shuttleworth, Ashley and Katie, then Bill Calhoun and Michael (Ska's choreographer).

Left to right: Gerd Kerkhoff, Ska (looking VERY small), and Gerd Rasquin (the famous trainer), next Jonathan Nosan and Bill Calhoun with Ska and Michael, and finally Tige, hiding so that he can video a session. Without Tige these conventions may never have been possible. Most of the initial participants were brought together by the Contortion Home Page which he set up. Thank you Tige!!
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