Gala 8
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Georgi Tashev (Bulgaria) emerged like a spectre in the dark, to the sound of tolling bells. With serpentine arms, a powerful physique
and outstanding dramatic skills, Georgi gave us a consummate performance.  He is also a wonderful raconteur - he had earlier entertained us with his story of entering Germany for the ICC, where the inspectors had queried what a contortionist was: "show us" they said - "not enough - do more!" "still not enough - still more!!" (all the while on the phone to their colleagues to come and have a look). Or his stories of being a contortionist as a conscript in the Bulgarian army, where among other things he ended up in the wrong company's ammunition box.


Lisetta Landoni and Massimiliano Esposito gave a demonstration of their powerful yoga technique, which went way beyond yoga as it is normally presented. Then Gerd Rasquin with one of his very young charges, Georgina from the Hamburger Showsternchen, gave a highly accomplished performance for one so young.


Helena and Bernd together in a gorgeous adagio act, fully showing Helena's charms and great skills as a contortionist.

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