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The third of the wonderful International Contortion Conventions organised by Ska von Schöning

Contortionists are superbly fit athletes, who combine their extraordinary flexibility with a degree of control and strength that far surpasses normal people. To see them gracefully and under control take their bodies through a range of motion that is way beyond what most people can achieve, redefines for us what it means to be human. Again, we owe an enormous vote of thanks to Ska who has organised this event with incredible energy and generosity.

In this convention, we were treated to two, not just one, gala performances. And they were held in a circus tent, generating a real circus atmosphere. As before, I've made these pages in the hope that they will give the feeling of what the convention was like for those who weren't there. So I've not just concentrated on pictures of attractive people bent into amazing positions, but also show some images of what was happening in the background.

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