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Daniel Browning Smith, Elena Tsarkova, and Imelda Jacobs.

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Daniel Browning Smith's extraordinary act was unlike any other in the gala. And unfortunately I didn't take many photos. At first, I thought "this isn't my kind of act" - I usually go for the cool balletic types of contortion act as done for instance by the Duo Mongolia. But guided by the appreciative chuckles and groans of those sitting beside me, who had a wider appreciation of contortion than I did, I quickly realised what a superb act it was. Daniel Browning Smith's act was sharp, hilarious, witty, and provoked a great deal of audience involvement (unlike the standard contortion act, which leads to a rather emotionally detached appreciation). It certainly changed my ideas of what a great contortion act can be. He is a wonderful performer, with a fantastic act.


Elena Tsarkova used a unique double rotating table, with each top pivoted separately, so that she was able to twist her tense, lithe body round and round from backbends to forward bends to backbends. An elegant and beautiful performance.


Imelda Jacobs from South Africa gave a spirited and lively performance - she is a young talent to watch out for. We wish her all the best.

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