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International Contortion Convention Las Vegas 2006

Another wonderful convention organized by Ska von Schoning of Showbiz
Held at Sam's Town Casino, Las Vegas

As before, Ska's hard work and enthusiasm brought outstanding performers together, from all around the world. With gala performances and workshops, it again was a powerhouse event for those fascinated by and practicing the artform.

I was very proud to be able to contribute actively - I did a short dance comedy routine with the gorgeous Albana and Helena. It started with them doing an impressive walkover, and ended with me in a golliwog routine, where they held my feet and ran round in circles in opposite directions, apparently twisting my legs off (watch on Youtube). I was also able to assist the wonderful Maggi (Magdalena Stoilova) in her routine (watch on Youtube). I am grateful to Colin Strover for providing me with most of these photos.


A few photos from the many workshops


Just a few of our performers: the Pixies, and then students from the Dance Extensions Performing Arts Center (DEPAC)


Vanessa (Dance Extensions); Magdalena Stoilova; Sasha; Jamie Langridge; Angelique with Otgo and Enkhee; and Finale

Backstage with Carola, Magdalena, Albana and Stephanie; and finally, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

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