ICC Page 2 -Coswig, Albana, Natalie and Elena

On Saturday afternoon, we all travelled to Brigitte and Rene Seliger's studio in Coswig where we saw in detail their methods of training.  

A pretty line of splits in the Coswig studio.

Gavaa's toddler joins in with interest - in fact, she couldn't be kept out of it! She had to join in everything, and kept climbing up onto the contortion table. Clearly, she is a born performer.

On the way back from Coswig to Sornewitz, the train of cars lost its way. I couldn't help laughing, it sounded so unlikely. If someone said, "lets make a film where 20 contortionists get stuck in a dead end street in a little town", do you think that it would have passed Hollywood's reality censor?

On the Friday evening, a small dark-haired figure appeared at the back of the hall, in tears of relief after a nightmare journey from Albania. It was Miss Albana, who captured our hearts with her alibity as a performer and with the very great force of her character.


Albana and Natalie seemed like sisters:


Albana and Natalie have their own pages too.

An unexpected arrival was Elena, who missed a night's performance in Frankfurt to join us. Here she is swapping addresses with Walter Sangree, and seen in her act, from a publicity photo.


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