First Australian Contortion and Handbalancing Festival Coff's Harbour, January 2010 - Page 2

Jasmine (2x), Tami Dawson, and Caitlin Dawson (2x)

Kristian Leadbeater and Andrew McQueen, Valentina with Bonnie, Valentina (the budding acrobat) with Marco

My act with Christine Danton, doing the "head-toe touch" (very unsuccessfully), crabwalk, finish. Watch onYoutube.


Valantina exhausted by the whole thing, splits by Amy Blundell, Christine Danton and Mim Syme, a line of successful "head-toe" touches, and a line of splits.

Thank you for a great occasion, Jasmine and Andrew! Thank you also for getting this off the ground in Australia, the start of what I am sure will be a great series!
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