17 September 2008

This website includes notes, updates, information not included in the main text, and errata for An Introduction to the Physiology of Hearing, 3rd Edition by James O. Pickles, Published by Emerald Books, United Kingdom, 2008 (now superseded by the 4th edition)

The information is listed according to page number in the book, and it is suggested that this website is consulted while reading the book. Dates give date of most recent change in a section.

Please note that some early copies of the book were printed without the colour plates (which should appear after p. 410). If you have a copy like this, please ask your supplier for a replacement.

I am very happy to hear about errata, further points for this website, and discussion concerning points made in the book. Please email me at email addressand include either "IPH3" or "An Introduction to the Physiology of Hearing" in the subject line (I get so many spam emails that I delete all emails unless I recognise either the sender or the subject).

Errata (23 August 2008)

Notes and supplementary information (please note that this section has not been refereed by colleagues in the same way as the main text). References already cited are listed in the list of references at the end of the book; other references are given in the notes.

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