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Special 2-for-1 offer - see below

Monday Posture and Flexibility class (Coorparoo)
Mondays 6.30 - 8.00 pm (except public holidays), Coorparoo School of Arts, 208-210 Cavendish Rd (cnr Halstead St), Coorparoo, Qld 4151.

Posture and Flexibility
(also called Stretch Therapy) is a stretch programme that aims to increase suppleness, tone the muscles, relax the body, reduce stress and refresh the spirit. Posture and Flexibility helps to maintain a healthy and responsive body that is able to flourish in a natural way. It also aims to increase the awareness of body sense and body alignment. These are combined with exercises for strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

This Posture and Flexibility class is taught in the style of a traditional hatha yoga class. Unlike the vinyasa or flowing style of yoga which is common at the moment, in this class the poses are performed separately rather than as part of a flowing sequence. Each pose is held for several seconds, and the poses are performed on the left and right sides immediately one after the other. In between each pose, the body returns to neutral. Explicit cues are given to help achieve correct form, which not only helps ensure safety, but enhances body awareness. This approach maximises our body awareness and also enhances mindfulness. These skills are valuable for maximising physical and psychological health.

The class is suitable for all ages. Older students are particularly welcomed, and will find the class especially valuable. In addition, many of the exercises are specifically designed to deal with the problems and imbalances arising from daily activities such as sitting at desks and using computers.

Posture and Flexibility (Stretch Therapy) is a system of training devised by Kit Laughlin at the Australian National University, Canberra (see www.kitlaughlin.com).

The general plan of the class will include an introductory focussing and warm-up period, followed by a stretch, core strengthening and balance section in the middle, and ending with progressive relaxation.

Classes run on Mondays from 6.30 - 8.00 pm in the Coorparoo School of Arts Hall, 208-210 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo, Brisbane, Qld 4151 (cnr of Halstead St; see map).  Classes run throughout the year, generally including school holidays (except summer holidays). However no classes are held on public holidays. Occasional classes may be cancelled at other times (as will be announced at the top of the main page - check page for details).

Prices: Single casual class $16, 4-class card $60, 8-class card $110. Class cards may be used for any classes in the year - there is no requirement to use a card up within any particular period.

2-for-1 offer: bring a friend and the friend comes free! 2 people have a class, but you only pay for one! Offer is for all of 2014-15.

What to bring: mat (e.g. yoga mat), plus thick folded blanket for extra support (e.g. in shoulderstands), water bottle. Optional: depending on flexibility, you may like to bring a fabric loop (or instead use a folded towel) to reach your leg in leg stretches. I have a few small loops available for $5 each.

What to wear: anything that you are comfortable in that lets you move freely. Footwear: stretch classes are best taken barefoot. However, this can get cold in winter. If you want to use socks, I suggest "Toesox" grip socks. These socks have the best grip for the foot with individual toes, and have rubber grips all over the bottom surface (including the toes), giving very good grip even on slippery floors. See www.toesox.com for the original supplier.

Participant form: download as .doc or .pdf file.

Contact details: 
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